Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Shopping @ India Street

It's freaking hot out there.


Well, I didn't take photos during our shopping period, so this post will likely be just words, words, words and... Oh wait! There's 2 pictures.

We went to Fah Company, a very good source to find clothes for your self-made costume. Well, actually I bought white, grey and black clothes, 1/2 meter for each. Cost me RM8. Then, I noticed that some materials I want is not available.

So, we went down further in India Street, went to many shop lots, like the picture above. I went to 7 shop lots, under freaking hot weather and finally I found what I want, partly... A red and white T-shirt. Lastly, we went to Tun Jugah, a shopping center and also the venue for our coming DS gathering. We have lunch there and we went off after that. Sorry, no food pictures. Haha.

The material and clothes I bought.

This material are to be used in the coming Kuching Festival Parade. Our Anime Club that is representing our club. So, I'm gonna be cosplaying. Who to cosplay? Not gonna tell you guys! I suppose that's it! Thanks for reading.


mr-penman said...

WOW! nice street!

Wish I can visit Kuching one of these days!


駿 said...

come la... XD
i will be gladly to chia u eat kolo mee.

mr-penman said...

cheh! that 1 KK and PJ oso got~lah!


btw... u use the wrong a/c again?


SWATおかみ said...

Haha, my gmail kinda like to snatch my yahoo email. so once i check my gmail, blog's id automatically change to my gmail's one.