Monday, July 9, 2007

Final Exam is Over!!!

Look!!! Imma flying!

Finally, exam is over! I must say this, the final paper is like drinking free water. Now, I'm flying! Partly... Playing Ragnarok Battle Offline on the open lab. I smell fishy around here. Oh well... back to my daily blogging routine. It time to SHOOP DA WHOOP! Thanks for reading. p/s: The picture is OWN3d by someone on the internet. Most usually the Japanese.


mr-penman said...


the long cat from 4chan!

Anwar said...

Longcat is looooong.
Short post is shrt.

Cyan Starr @ Phoenix_Cypher_K1 said...

Sorry but this is not long cat. NOT LONG ENOUGH!


SWATおかみ said...

Who said I Phail? D:
this is PURE WIN!

Christopher said...

hmm.. how come cats so popular in blogs ar?

Hangmen said...

Must counter Longcat with Tacgnol!