Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ragnarok Online

My very 1st online game! Seriously...

As a Malaysian gamer, who doesn't know the Ragnarok Online? It's the very 1st online game that was brought into Malaysia during the end of 2003. I was having my holidays at my hometown, Penang and suddenly I saw a large amount of people gathering under the mall. I was curious and look into it. There... one pretty lady gave me a RO (Ragnarok Online) goodies bag.

Some screenshot I took last time.

Ever since, I started to play RO and spend tons of money on it. And yes, I do earn real cash in the game too. RO is non like other online games, RO is cute and not very violent. When I was very active in RO, I went to all over my town, searching for RO relatived goods to be bought and to be collected. I won't say much about my RO background but to show you how much have I been collected. For how much I did loved RO.

My RO overall collections.

The rare monthly bulletins (Top) and the game manual books.

The Guide Books (Top), RO Encyclopedias (Middle) and Various of Reload Cards (Bottom).

Various of RO Artboxes.

RO Artboxes (Top), RO Installation Discs (Middle) and Guide Books (Bottom).

I have a friend who opened a PC shop and was also an online game supplier, whenever there is left over. I take the stuff from him, FREE!

A Poster size 2004 Calendar that Cyber Cafe can have it.

RO War of Emperium Poster.

Periodly, I'm now playing the free server for the Malaysia RO which was only launched months ago. The experience and drop rate are actually cut to half, well... I'm just playing for fun. The good thing is, rumorly GM summon high level monster and kill the botter instead of freeze them. Cause in free server you can't use teleport item.

Lurking around waiting for item to drop. Those were brave botter.

Look at the items I loot!

If you guys wanna play and is a Malaysian. Simply go to Malaysia RO and register. Of course you need the client, is either go and buy the Installation disc or just download of some the internet. That's all, thanks for reading!


Antabax said...

my housemates still playing MRO.....

SWATおかみ said...

wa... loyalty ro player XD

Pr1me_Minister said...

OMG! It's Ragnarok Online DS!!

SWATおかみ said...

prime, isnt tat existed long ago? LOL

Pr1me_Minister said...

Old news aside, will you buy it? XD

Vinz Valentino said...

Dude !! I'm also playing prontera server long time ago when it opened.. I bot insanely !! Hahahahaha !! Detect gm always but log out after that so didnt killed by his own summoned mobs !! Teleport skills SP consume 500SP i think.. DAMN !!