Thursday, July 12, 2007

Transformers Movie Outing

"High Tech Stuff must be from the Japanese."

Transformers Board

All right, this may sound a little fanboy. But I love it! It's one of my most favourite cartoon during my young age. Surprisingly I'm still loving it before the movie were even released. I must say the Transformers were done a very good job at the parts rendering from what I saw the prototype on the Internet. Overall, the music and scene are well match. Many hilarious parts and emotional as well.

Our driver of the day, as usual.

This is actually our Anime Club unofficial movie outing. We planned to watch the premium, but heck, during that time were our final exam! Nonetheless, our driver, Keh Shiun brought us to dinner and went to watch the movie. Thanks man! I wouldn't want to miss to have some photos around the cineplex, so I took some, and some were me and the posters!

Oh, I'm so outdated.

Loafing around before the movie starts

Oh noes... I brought camera into the theater!

We all really enjoyed our movie. Well... I'm hype actually. Who say Transformers is not nice at all should deserve a slap from me. Haha. Just kidding. Anyways, more photos.

Chatting about the transformer after movie.

We have a special guest, Ajay's Girlfriend!

Transformer Popcorn!

Since Ajay and his girlfriend had to leave early, our gathering photo weren't that complete. Before that, everyone is feeling nervous asking around for help in photograph. Meh, guess I have to ask a chick to help us. Looks like more people standing at Autobots side. Haha

From left, Kim, Lance, Me, Keh Shiun, Adrian, Ian, Serene.

Okay, Prime Optimus and Bumblebee was a Kickass character in the old days. Now with better refine and more realistic, I love those 2 Autobots. What can I say? I'm going to the PROTECT side. Woohoo! Right now, I'm looking for Transformers stuff to be collected.


Nonetheless, I wanna thank Adrian for bringing his camera. Or else, no pictures on this movie outing. My dad took away his camera, as usual... So, thanks for reading!


mr-penman said...

the pop-corn... eat oredi can transform 1~ah?


Anwar said...

zomg, Ajay has a girlfriend!

AJay said...

Hehehe.... Y anwar? Any problem? haha

ToMCaT said...

Haha... Nice... But I didn't go... -.-"

Neko chan said...

swatwolf...i'll take my revenge of the camera flash!! i'm starting to see stars u kno....><"

SWATおかみ said...

kakaka... I wan my car to convert too. XD Im daydreaming! kuro, no co-op u get bad pictures.