Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Zomg! It's Toilet Princess!

The Box Art

One of my old school most favourite game, The Legend of Zelda. How I miss the day when I was play NES and this series came out and it was a huge hit. Well... Not in Malaysia though. Although the story is always about a boy, Link saving Princess Zelda, the story plot never fail to amuse me.

The Main Title Screen

Speaking of the Twilight Princess which is also available for the Gamecube. The difference about Twilight Princess on Wii is that Nintendo enable 16:9 widescreen which is only exclusive for Wii and not on Gamecube. Twilight Princess has the longest hour play ever on the series. Nintendo said it will take you 40 hours or more to finish the game.

In-game Screen.

The graphic is awesome if you don't compare with the Playstation 3 and the Xbox360. So far, it's consider one of the best graphic ever on Wii. This game need a Nunchuk and a Wii Remote to play. The controller is fairly easy to understand. Shack your Wiimote to attack, remember attacking is not your "A" button anymore. Shacking the Nunchuk will enable spin attack. That simple!

You can buy from Play-Asia or your local store outlets. That's all. Thanks for reading.


mr-penman said...

so jealous!!!


SWATおかみ said...

my young padawan... follow exactly what i say now.

share with ur gf :P

Dyna said...

Be a true jedi .. i mean zelda ... no wait i mean link ...

Go buy the sword and shield~~~

SWATおかみ said...

OMG? you don't mean the plastic kit for sword and shield? ROFL

Dyna said...

or you can custom made your sword and shield and stuff the wiimotes inside =X

SWATおかみ said...


Nicholas Leong said...

lol u should buy the plastic kit.. its the awesomeness :P