Monday, July 2, 2007

Open Canvas with Raikenji and Pass-chan

This never get old.

3 Hours of Open Canvas.

  • Kakudo (Raikenji)
  • Pass (Pass-chan)
  • SWATwolf (Me)
Okay, heres the lowdown on what's happening in the picture:

On the top left, Kakudo steals Pass' glasses with SWATwolf not understanding the situation, Sasuke and Naruto are pondering about who knows what, the bottom left is full of "Chibi" love, and the bottom right is Donpatch talking about Napkins.

Anyways, characters to there rightfull owners. Heres who did what:
  • Pass-chan: top left ; Chibi Kakudo, SWATwolf, and himself with an extra chibi at the bottom.
  • Raikenji: Naruto, Chibi Kakudo on the bottom left, and Donpatch.
  • Me: Sasuke and my character in Chibi form.
That's all. Thanks for reading.

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