Wednesday, July 4, 2007

SD Blu Duel Gundam

A fat SD Gundam brought to you by Bandai.

Art Box, Keroro + Kero Ball!

I bought a SD Gundam for my Keroro... I mean for myself. I'm quite impress on how Bandai manage to make a Gundam with pack of armor into a SD mode, which turns out to be fat in another way. Nevertheless, the SD Gundam look pretty and cool. Though I never like the Gundam Seed Stargazer's pilots. The gundam looks cool though.

The runners and booklet.

The runner and color, as usual, simple and plain. Heavy lining and paint job is needed for SD Gundam. This Gundam Seed Stargazzer is a good start to collect the whole set of the series as the SD Gundam for this series is almost complete. Stargazzer Gundam SD is releasing this coming August. So, so far, there are Strike Noir SD, Verde Buster SD and Blu Duel SD.

That's all. Another unassembled Gundam added to my list. Swoosh! I wonder when in the world I will take my sweet time building them all. You can get this SD Blu Duel Gundam at XL-shop for only USD8.5 or MYR29.90 (Not yet include shipping fee yet). Anyway, thanks for reading.

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