Monday, July 23, 2007

Kuching DS 5th Gathering

Yes, yes, It happened wonderfully!

Place: Tun Jugah's Food Court
Time: 12pm - 5pm
Date: 21/07/2007

What a coincidence! Harry Potter's last book is out the day we have our gathering. Much likely I go early in the morning and continue the DS gathering after me celebrating the launch the the last Harry Potter book. The attendees was me of course, scph50004, Jeff, KoyuKii and Valppy. The gathering actually started at 2pm as many of them have something to do before they can come to the gathering.

The Stars of DS lite!

Weird thing happened about this gathering is there's not Mario Kart DS! Well... because Jeff didn't bring along his Mario Kart DS. The games we played are Transformers, Tetris DS, Planet Puzzle League and not to forget Bomberman DS!

Bomberman DS!!!

First up, we have Bomberman DS to be download play. I'm the host, as usual. This game is a blast. We could stop laughing because some of them killed themselves, got trapped and got blur.
Some of them got pissed off because they cant win. Haha.

The joy of dying in Bomberman DS.

Tetris DS Session!

We have Tetris DS after that, so many people gang bang me. *SOB* Nonetheless, I still OWN3d their arse more than they did to me. Tetris DS is one of the best game for veteran gamers so that they could jumping into the game at any time. And also, we never got bored of Tetris DS.

Playing seriously @ Planet Puzzle League.

I introduced Planet Puzzle League to KoyuKii and Jeff. They like it and take it real serious when it comes to battling. Note something different bout the picture's contrast? My pictures was taken by Valppy (Thanks!) while the rest is taken by me. Valppy is out at the moment because Planet Puzzle League is only up to 4 players.

Here are some pictures of the attendees and also some fun pictures: (I couldn't take pictures of Valppy got he's a very shy guy.)




Our beloved DS lite!

Shoop da Whoop! It's all mine!!!

(From left) scph50004, Koyukii, Jeff, Me, Valppy.

Finally, the gathering comes to an end as we took a group photos. After that we went to Mcdonald's to have some refreshment. Thanks to Jeff for treating me a cup of large Coke. Around 5.30pm, we went home and our gathering adjourned.

Sorry for the late posting, my pc is a sucker on photoshop. Thanks for reading!


Antabax said...

holy cow ! ds gathering ? zzzz. psp !!

SWATおかみ said...

eh? I tot lowyat got organize PSP gathering at KL? :P

Neko chan said...

i wan nintendo DS!! bwahahahahahha....XD

rain said...

fufufu ds feast

SWATおかみ said...

hohoho, buy 1 <:3 nyoro~n

Jeff said...

wowowow........ Nice!

SWATおかみ said...

indeed. come for the next one :p