Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter Launch Party

Quick! Last Page Please... Keke.

Not so much, not so little.

The crowds.

We went to Tun Jugah yesterday, roughly 6.30am. We are surprise to see someone is already waiting there and also many of them were teenages and adult. No sign of children until nearly 7am. From what I read on the news article, up to 80 people that have collected their books when its 7.30am at Popolar Bookstore. Serene and I were interviewed before the launch of HP#7 Book. Here's the article, my name is Steven.

Stacy with her HP#7 Book.

One of our friend, Stacy got her 1st book before all of us. She was lucky to preordered hers at Popular Bookstore. She paid the book at MYR109.90 but she get herself a HP#7 T-shirt. We all got eager and snatched the book from her.

Looks like he can't wait to spoil the last chapter.

A group of HP foreigner's fan. (Oh! She's looking at me!)

During the launch of the HP#7 book at Popular. There were a few news reporter who came and interview us and some other HP fans. There were supposed to be a HP#7 Launch Party but it had been forced to held back. Thanks to those hypermarket and Penguin Publisher.

Awaiting for next bookstore to open.

(From left) Baxter peeping at the book while Joseph (Right) whispering spoiler.

Since I ain't Popular consumer, I preordered mine at Times Bookstore. We walked 2 times to Parkson (which the Times Bookstore located) but it's shut tighly. So we went to Holiday Inn which is nearby and waiting for time to passby. Suddenly, a Malay girl from KL came to us, asking where to get the book. Unfortunately, right now, HP#7 book are only available for those who preordered.

Finally, I'm getting mine!

Oh yeah, Times Bookstore opened and I rush in to pick up mine. I was expecting a nice bag and a T-shirt but none where given. I only get a Times' Plastic bag. But luckily I got a 20% discount which I only have to pay roughly MYR80. We walked out and...

Ah... another interview...

Yet, another news reported came to us, asking us to stop. So, this time was Stacy and me who got ask to answer their questions. After that, as usual, they took our photos and we went back to Sarawak Plaza to have some drinks while I'm getting ready for my DS gathering at the afternoon (That would be next update already).

I got it and it's MINE!

Overall, I had fun that day. It was unusual. We get to talk with other readers. Talk about same interest. Currently, I'm still on chapter. Eagerly to know what's is happening next. That's all for now. Thanks for reading.


Jimmy said...

eeee..that BP reporter we know one... hahahaaa

SWATおかみ said...

izzit.....? Haha.

mr-penman said...

SWAT, got cut out the newspaper clipping or not?


SWATおかみ said...

lol, no. But my friend did. XD

Neko chan said...

the guy with the big mouth open and the "pong pong" hair is kuching's no.1 spoiler!! ahahahahahahaha...XD

SWATおかみ said...

XD LOL. u gonna get killed! Take cover!

mr-penman said...

cut out & keep~mah...

get the link also... then PDF it!