Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Optimus Prime Unleashed

Tranform and Roll out! Wait... its a sculpture.

I bought the sculpture for MYR120. Thanks to many shop who raise the Transformer's toys. Since it's hard to find Transformers toys in Kuching. Well... I just buy it down. Overall, the sculpture is very good and cheap for US market. Of course, you can't compare with the Japanese PVC.

This is a double sided sculpture. So there is 2 side, one is Optimus Prime and another side is the Truck. Well, I'm taking some pictures and close up on the sculpture. To let you see clearer pictures on the sculpture. Every side, every angle. Enjoy.

Close up on Optimus Prime Unleashed.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading.


mr-penman said...

WAH! u got it!

btw... I went to 1U that day...

U@Parkson - no sights of TF toys...
ULTIMATE TOYS - no sights of TF toys... (got 1 or 2 superlink);
Jusco - no sights of TF toys...

this is rather disturbing!

SWATおかみ said...

yeah~ its disturbing when everyone sapu transformers toys. so bad!