Friday, June 22, 2007

Nintendo Wii

Will you Wii Wee with We?

Nintendo Wii + some stuffs

It's my second Wii since my 1st buy was a PAL version and I was forced to sell of to my sister as Nintendo Wii is region locked and she stays in Brisbane, Australia. Nonetheless, I got myself a NTSC/US Wii and I also bought down 2 games as stated above. (Mario Kart is not for sale.)

Wii Channel, can you guess what that game is?

Let's talk a little thing about Wii. On the Wii channel above, there are Game Channel, Mii Channel, a place where you create your avatar, Photo Gallery, Wii Shop, a place where u buy classic games and download software for Wii, Forecase Channel, News Channel, "Everybody Votes" Channel and lastly my personal favourite, the Internet Channel.

Have I mentioned using internet on a 32" LCD HDTV rocks? It really ROCKs! Let's take for an example:

Oh yea... I can view my blog on 32" LCD HDTV!

The Internet Channel is powered by Opera.

The internet is accessible by enabling the Wiiconnect24 and a wireless acess point. For me, I use the Nintendo Wifi USB connector. You can get it on Play-Asia. In the future games like Mario Strikers Charged, the game is Wifi compatible. So I recommend a Wii owner or future Wii owner to have a wireless connection.

The Nintendo Wii

The Wii itself is surprising small and powerful. The US Nintendo Wii comes with a free game which is Wii Sports. The Wii Remote or what people prefer to call it Wiimote is comfortable to hold but hand can be a pain moment if you hold you hand out to straight. While the Nunchuk consist of 3 axis and it's really lightweight. Graphics on the Wii may not be the next-gen graphics but that's not really a main factor for at least me.

For more information, you can check the Official Wii Website. Off I go swing the Wiimote. Thanks for reading.


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GRATZ!!! buddy!


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valppy said...

congrats on purchasing the 2nd wii

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Thank you all. but im wondering who is the that comment that is deleted.

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