Saturday, June 23, 2007

Wii Session @ Swinburne Anime Club

It's time for Wii "Poisoning".

Yesterday was our Anime Club final meeting for this semester, or rather an unofficial one. I decided to bring Nintendo Wii for our club member to taste what's it like to play a Wiimote. 1st start we have Wii sports and Wii play on the spot.

Joseph, P2 lose by default by own goal.

The lazer hockey, watched by Intel.

Next up, we have "It's a Wii! Warioware!" It's a blast when 12 people playing together, blindly cause they never play before and just follow what the game told them to do so. A non veteran gamer became a pro gamer! Shoop da Whoop!

Warioware in game.

Intel got busted.

Kimberly is always blur at gaming.

Tomi got busted too.

Saito, "Look! Imma Flying!"

After that, our Pangya Pro, Augustus wanna feel how's the like to play Pangya aka. Super Swing Golf on the Wii. What I meant pro is really pro, even hitting a ball need a scientific calculator to count the stuff we veteran never know what it is.


Swing swing away!

Our personal processor, Intel wanted to see how well the SD card works on the Excite Truck. Crap... Actually I haven't even touch my Excite Truck and was forced to go through the tutorial. After a while, here we go head on head! We have great laugh on the game because we used music that are not meant to be in this kind of game.

Tutorial Mode. FTW!

We LOL'd.

Time is almost up for our Anime Club's Wii session. I haven't got the chance to play what I wanted to play on a projector big screen. So I loaded up Trauma Center: Second Opinion for the member's to see what the nunchuk actually can do, and also show them the unique of Trauma Center that no other consoles have! A lot of girls saying, "Ewww..." Haha.

Operation almost done!

Shh... Operation is undergoing!

Everyone who played the Wii are basically laughing all the time and have fun with it. Even those member's who don't really play games but only those flash game and yahoo games plays very well on Wii too. Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to wish Kimberly a very Happy Birthday. Thanks for reading.


mr-penman said...

THIS IS 2 MUCH! Play Wii in School LAB!!!

mr-penman said...



SWATおかみ said...

Its our school anime club room

Nicholas Leong said...

haha a video will do more dont do justice to wii action!!

SWATおかみ said...

sorry dude, dslr wont allow me to take video D: