Thursday, June 21, 2007

Computer Specialist

Come! Let's spell cmd.exe!

Last night, one of my friend encounted virus on her pendrive and she deleted the cmd.exe. She posted on our campus' forum that she cleared the virus! (aka cmd.exe) Haha. We just couldnt stop laughing watching her post with a smile at the end of her post. So, we decided to pick on her. Poor Serene.

Posts by our forumers.

So, kids... Never ever simply judge any weird exe file as a virus, it might cause you serious problem. Luckily its not her HDD. Till then, thanks for reading.


mr-penman said...

LOL~ u guys so mean!

SWATおかみ said...

Yay~ We r MEAN.

Pr1me_Minister said...

You know..... some malicious .exe files have names similar to system files (explorer.exe, svchost.exe, you name it).

If it doesn't belong to the pendrive, KILL IT!