Sunday, June 3, 2007

Finishing up my Gunpla

So many Gunpla yet so little time.

With my noobish skill on Gunpla marking and painting. I need a lot of time on assembling, painting and marking a Gunpla. Oh well, I finally finished up my SD Strike Gundam: Striker System Weapon, took me roughly 3 weeks. Though, the weapon are not completely colored yet. The knife are actually taken from the SD Strike Gundam. Here is the finishing work.

The backpack could be a nice stand.

On the other hand, I have a Gundam Grossbone X1 Ver. Ka. Its only barely halfway done. I have difficult time on the head and nearly lost a part on the waist. Luckily I found it back! Sigh... wish I have more time and patient on doing all this Gunpla I have bought. Its really late night here and I planned to stop assemble it at the moment. Here is the result.

Halfway done.

Gunpla list which I have not yet started to assemble:
  • SD Gundam Wing Zero Custom
  • SD Gundam Strike Freedom
  • SD Gundam Freedom
  • SD Gundam Strike Noir
  • SD Gundam Verde Buster
  • SD Gundam Blu Duel
  • SD Gundam Crossbone X1
  • MG Gundam Crossbone X1 Full Clothes
Now, when in the world I can finish all those? Oh well, one by one then. Thanks for reading.


mr-penman said...

SWATTY~ all ur gunpla is coloured/painted w Gundam Marker?

SWATおかみ said...

yes they are :D

Hangmen said...

Problems with Gundam plastic models are:

1. Their pricerange is reasonable and tend to be cheap, which tends to make people buy em' whenever they see em'.
2. As with a majority of people, we have real life matters to attend to, and these matters may hamper our interest or mood to assemble them ASAP.

As for me, I got 9 unassembled Gundam models and another 3 pending for purchase from XL-Shop. (-__-")

SWATおかみ said...

well, hangmen, i cannot agree with u more.

mr-penman said...

LOL~ we all on the same ship then!