Sunday, June 3, 2007

Shrek 3 Movie Outing

Shrek 3 is great!

1st of all I heard bad comments on Spiderman 3 and Pirates of Caribbeans 3 are not really good. So we end up choosing Shrek 3. Im the person who are actually prefer a CG animation. So the outing turned out to be a good one, in the case of last minute informing my friends. 9 people, that's including me came to watch Shrek 3. Actually Keh Shiun, Adrian and I came to the Star Cineplex way early to book the ticket. In case the seats are full.

Alrighty! It's showtime. March to the Cineplex

Overall, I was actually quite pleased to have watched this movie. I don't think I have regret watching it. Though, Shrek 3 may not be as great as Shrek 1 is. But it seems that everyone are happy to watch Shrek 3. Which is a good thing to me.

After the movie ends

Kimberly and the rest looks like they enjoy the movie a lot!

All gathers and talk about Shrek 3.

zomg, its Transformers!

Manage to capture one of my most anticipated movie ever since 2005. Gosh... I have been waiting for this movie that long? Its coming out on 4th July 2007. People! If you are a fan of transformer, mark you calender now! I wish I could... because I'm having final exams during early July. Guess I will have to miss the premier show. Miss the day when we were very young and watch Transformers cartoon on TV.

Alright, bye bye everyone!

And that ends our movie outing. Thanks for reading. And also thanks for coming guys! Its been a great outing.

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