Sunday, June 3, 2007

Touch Pen Attachment

A fat stylus by Hori

I have been waiting long to get this stylus and finally I got it. This stylus are far way better than the previous long stylus made by Hori. This time, it have much better grip, comfortable and not to forget its quality. The package comes with a Touch Pen Attachment and 2 Long DSL stylus.

Good thing bout this stylus is when you stylus head tip had gone haywire, you can simply take off the stylus inside the Pen Attachment and replace with a new stylus. Its that simple. Any Nintendo DS lite stylus will work on this Touch Pen Attachment. So far, I would recommend you to buy this stylus if you are looking for a new stylus for your DS or DSL. There are 3 choices of colors available: White, Black and Pink for only USD5.99 from Play-Asia. Choose what fits you most. I will leave that to you guys and thanks for reading.

Opps... Ain't that Pokemon?!


mr-penman said...

GRATZ!!! ^^

yes, it's a nice pen indeed.

I so used w it now, that I refused to use the thin 1...


SWATおかみ said...

yes indeed. I still use the original provided stylus actually :p

Cyan Starr @ Phoenix_Cypher_K1 said...

This pen is so good it's made of win.