Saturday, May 26, 2007

Takoyaki @ Kuching

たこやき! 1st in Kuching!

Where Kuching-ian can eat Takoyaki for the past few years? West Malaysia. Now, that's very far away. Right now, our dream of eating Takoyaki everyday is granted! A small takoyaki shop is not opened! The stall is located at Jalan Song's Open Air, infront of a cafeteria called Sin Wan. I couldnt complain more as it's the only Takoyaki stall in Kuching. Loving it!

p/s: Please Note that the Takoyaki stall is on the right one.

What is Takoyaki?
Takoyaki is a popular Japanese dumpling made of batter, diced octopus, tempura scraps, pickled ginger, konnyaku and green onion, topped with okonomiyaki sause, green laver, mayonnaise and katsuobushi (fish shavings). It can also be considered as a snack. (Quoted from Wikipedia.)

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nadiah said...

they had takoyaki in midvall.kl and its a big hit!
quite weird though..
its a normal food ere..