Sunday, May 27, 2007

Kuching 4th DS Gathering

The place where the funs are meant to be.

Place: City's Mcdonald
Time: 12pm - 6pm
Date: 26/05/2007

This is the 4th DS gathering I have organized since last year 2006. It was a beautiful Saturday and off I go to Mcdonald with my friend, SK. When we reach there, some people were there already. Since its saturday, we have difficulty finding place to park in the city. After we found a place to park, DS gathering, here we come! Too bad, 3 members couldnt make it due to their personal matter. Well then, I will let the pictures do the talking.

Wait! Don't rush! Eat first.

Mcdonald could be finger licking good too!

Let the game begin.
Tetris DS players.

Oh no! I lost the the game!

Result of Tetris DS. Hehe.

Mario Kart DS players.

Bowser on Egg Kart. FTW!

Serious Mario Kart Player!
Starring SK!


Lip Wei!

And lastly, Ricky!

Because Mcdonald is getting hot, maybe because of aircon failure. We moved to Sarawak Plaza and have some chit chat and also some little Ouendan 2.

Watch out! Mcflurry falls out of nowhere!

Now, what is he looking at?!

Need Mcdonald? Call them with this number NOW!

NDS and NDSL Group Photos

Overall, we sure do have lots of fun and laughing! For more upcoming events or interested to join our upcoming gathering. Please visit our thread at Lowyat Forum for more information. Till then, thanks for reading!


nadiah said...

WAh u rich boys!!

BrumUK said...

Wooo ds :).

Just wondering what case do you have on the black ds ?. I need something like that for my black ds, its a fingerprint magnet :(.

Message back :).

SWATwolf said...

brumuk: if you want a protection for the ds. You can either buy a clear casing to protect. I'm using this btw,

I bought it from there, but it seems like it's backordered atm. ^_^