Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pokemon Pearl and Diamond Version

Goodness of Pokemon is back! Now with 493 Pokemons!

The time when Pokemon was 1st release back in the year 1995 and I played Pokemon Red Version on my Gameboy at 1997. That time I was still young and Pokemon are really famous among kids. Generations have been passing one by one and now the latest generation had appeared. The "Diamond and Pearl" version series. This time, the city is not as big as the "Silver, Gold and Crystal" version. But it's back with all the Pokemons from 1 to 493. "Gonna catch em' all!" is never going to be an easy task already. Well... even catch 251 Pokemons is way too hard for me.

The graphics are tremendously improved. Despite of its background changed in fully 3d but the character sprite and the battle system remain the same. Another interesting feature added into Pokemon "Diamond and Pearl" version is the Wi-Fi connection. Not only you can battle and trade with worldwide, you can also have a full chatting system in the games. What I mean full chatting system is that you can talk all the way in the games without getting interfere or even needed to press button "X". The storyline is pretty the same with Pokemon "Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald" version. But don't really bother with the storyline. Its pretty much the same storyline for all Pokemon series.

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