Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Top 3 People I hate for Year 2007

Let the vote begin.

Top 3 People I hate
1. Mr. J
2. Mr. K
3. Mr. B

Who you might ask? A rich kid who love sci-fi 1st person shooting game and also a Spiderman 3 Otaku. I just dunno what's got into that kid. Despite of showing off, now all he's thinking is, Mr. R sucks. Nothing else, what a no life person. As we most of the L. Forumers, who are innocent are also been blame by Mr. J. All Mr. J can do is copy people's game review and post on his own blog without acknowledging them. Copycat. Sorry to say this but Mr. J, get a life and grow up. Stop being retard, Thank you.

Mr. K
OK, this guys supposely look friendly when we have the 1st eye contact. But, urgh. Talking about chatting with him, is like stabbing each other with knives. And talking about the way he talks, talks like an American slang like, "Hey man!", "Hey dude!" or even "What the Fcuk is this?!*, I say, "Who the Fcuking are you?!". He is also arrogant and finally, thick skinned. So far, what I heard from my friends, he loves Hentai. I don't know what to say about this guy. But he gets way beyond horrible person, try to avoid this kind of person as much as possible.

Mr. B
The long forgotten ex-neighbour. Same goes to Mr.K, he just love to go showing off his not so legendary blog. What I don't really like about him is he love to drag people into the topic that they don't like at all. And also, irresponsible. He applied as "Strawberry" for our Swin Nite 07 and did not attend the cosplay rehearsal. Well... 2 out of 4, he did attend but also went back earliest. Things had gone without him smoothly and we actually did found a replacement for "Strawberry". But little does we know, during the last day of the rehearsal, he came! And begged to get his character back. Sadly, he did bad in the actual cosplay during Swin Nite 07. Oh not to mention, I found his talking style is funny. All he know what to use is, "Noob", "1337", "Suxxor" and those internet language you can ever known.

Nuff said, kakaka. Im just ranting on my own blog. Thanks for reading. And to those relavant people who read this, I know what you did last summer.

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Eric said...

aiyoh.. list them in alphabetical order mah..

anyway, let's organize a "anti-mr.K" campaign.. wahahaha..