Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mario Kart DS Gashapon

2nd gashapon set for Mario Kart DS from Yujin

2nd set of Mario Kart DS gashapon consist of:
  1. Mario
  2. Luigi
  3. Browser
  4. Yoshi
  5. Donky Kong
  6. Wario
Long wait has come after I have been hunting down for Mario Kart DS gashapon. But accidently I found the 2nd set of Mario Kart DS gashapon on the ebay and asked my friend, Zorocaster to help me buy this set of MKDS gashapon down (This is because I do not own a credit card! God Dammit!). Realizing that the 2nd set is missing Princess Peach. I went to my friend's shop to grab the Princess Peach off from the 1st set. How lucky of me. Right now Im still missing a few characters based on the Mario Kart DS.

The design to this gashapon is unlike the others, though you might think its just a kart that only enable by pushing front and pulling back method. But the kart had been designed to pull back and release the kart to auto run. Surprisingly, the speed is also fast.

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