Monday, April 30, 2007

Taiko no Tatsujin DS

Looks like Namco don't wanna miss out the Nintendo DS marketing.

After Namco release 2 portable title for the PSP. Finally, Nintendo DS gets to own their own Taiko no Tatsujin. Looks like Namco don't wanna miss the DS marketing. The release date is not yet confirmed but will be around Summer 2007. Here is some magazine scan and song list, Hopefully Namco use the touch screen intelligently.

Natsumatsuri (Summer Festival)
Won’t Be Long
Mata Aimashou (Let’s Meet Again)

Dance2 Featuring Soy Sauce [Pocky Chocolate Commercial Song]

Children’s/Folk Music:
Mori no O-Kumasan (Bears in the Forest)
Inu no O-mawarisan (Dog and the Policeman)

Game Music:
Super Mario Bros.

Taiko Classical:
Beethoven’s 7th (partial)
William Tell Overture

Heaven and Hell (Offenbach)

Flight of the Bumblebee (Rimsky-Korsakov)

Classic Medley (Wedding Songs)

Namco Originals:
Kimi ni Touch!
Mojipittan Medley

Pachi O-Sensei

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