Saturday, April 21, 2007

Cleaning Kit for your Nintendo DS lite

Looks stupid from the outside but it seems that its useful from the inside

Ah! The infamous cleaning set and cleaning clothes that seek for my curiosity and I bought it down from the Play-Asia. 1st of all, when i was waiting for the cleaning kit and cleaning clothes. All my brain was thinking is how does this cleaning kit works while the shape Nintendo made was basically a longer ds shape or catridge and gba catridge. So finally the cleaning kit arrived.
I opened the box and not very happy seeing this cle
aning kit doesnt really do anything until one of my old catridge which is quite damaged on the gold plate. I wanna play the game but the ds cant read it properply. So I try using the cleaning and guess what? It really works. Surprisingly, the cleaning kit can help you to cleaning the deep inside slot 1 and slot 2. How
do the cleaning kit does it job? Simple, just push the cleaning kit in and out for both slot. Not to forget you can brush your ds catridge using the brush on the cleaning kit provided.

Next is the cleaning clothes, the cleaning clothes, well... it none like the same clothes as what we own for cleaning up our glasses. But the good thing is its large and its washable (under condition though).

Nuff to said, its pretty useful and a casing is provided. You can actually still buy this cleaning kit from play-asia and the cleaning clothes.

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