Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hori's Multi Pouch

Hori is the most known company for making accessories for various of consoles and handheld, including mp3 players such as iPod. Please visit Hori Japan for more information about their products.

The Packaging for the Hori Multi Pouch

Hori Multi Pouch
When you need a pouch which can be fit into your pocket with lots of DS catridge. Hori's multi pouch might be the choice for you Nintendo DS lite pouch. If you're looking for a great lightweight case for your new Nintendo DS lite, this could be a perfect one! Not only does the system fit nice and snug in its place, but you can hold a reasonable amount of stuff in the other half of the pouch as well. So far, I can put 4 games on each pockets provided, 8-10 games on the other side and one stylus on the stylus holder. As for the weakness is its protection, it doesn't have much cushion to protect the Nintendo DS lite from falling off to the ground. But still it does have protection, which is protecting your Nintendo DS lite from shocking.

The Other side of the Hori Multi Pouch

Overall, for a pouch for the Nintendo DS lite, this probably the best from Hori, for what it can hold and how well it protects your Nintendo DS lite's surfaces. Right now, Hori offers Black, Blue, White Grey, Light Pink and Light Blue for the mulit pouch. Please click here Hori's Multi Pouch for more information. And also Play-Asia is selling for USD14.90 for each of this Hori's Multi Pouch, grab them while stock last! Hope this review helps!

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