Thursday, February 15, 2007

White vs. Black

Good vs. Evil, Light vs. Darkness, David vs. Goliath.
Many people who want to buy Nintendo DS lite have questions about either getting a black or white Nintendo DS lite. Well, actually colors are depending on which you like most. True. The latest Nintendo DS lite, which is the remake of the Nintendo DS phat. The look of it are stylish, rather looked like a mini apple laptop.

Now let's take a look at the white Nintendo DS lite. White represent bright and happy, some people think playing game with a white consoles or handheld would be happier. While owning a white Nintendo DS lite would requires you to take a very good care of it. If you are the type that wants your Nintendo DS lite to look shine always. Human's hands tend to sweat a bit when they hold something for some time. For example, the shoulder button, which is the "L" and "R" button, they will get yellowish when the sweat contact with the shoulder button. So, if you are planning to buy white Nintendo DS lite and want to make sure its always under new condition, get ready! Because you will be needing some accessories to protect your Nintendo DS lite in the future

Right, let's move on to the black Nintendo DS lite. Again, some people always think black is the cool type of color. The good thing bout black's dirtiness can't be easily spot. But, fingerprints and minor scratches are extremely easy to be seen compare to the white when the black Nintendo DS lite is shown under some bright light. Though, you don't need as much protection as the white Nintendo DS lite do, you still need at least a casing to protect the black Nintendo DS lite to be scratch. Putting into your pocket would end up being scratch too. Don't ask me how it got scratch, I just dunno how it happen inside the pocket!

Overall, both color have its good and bad. I will leave to the choice to you guys who want to buy a Nintendo DS lite. Hopefully, this little comparison can help you guys out of this. Cheers.


Juliette said...

Ah thank you :) very nice.
I still find it very hard to choose.
I bought a black one but i can still trade it. Im thinking of trading it for a white one...but I'm not sure :P I don't want white to get yellow, but I don't want scratches on the black one either! haha

So I still haven't made up my mind, but atleast I have one in my posession,but allI can do is stare at it....

SWATwolf said...

Hello there! thanks for dropping by!
I sure u will make a wise decision ;)