Saturday, February 17, 2007

Gameboy Nano?!

Gameboy Micro
I got myself a Gameboy Micro yesterday. Surprisingly, it's so small then I can hardly believe it's this small! Yes, yes, yes, I heard many critics about this Gameboy Micro but it's not as bad as I thought. The size of it may be to small for some people who have big hands. The design of Gameboy Micro is like a mp4 player, glossy surface and the buttons have been improve which is alot better than the Gameboy Advance SP. Sadly, the volume control is controlled by pressing the side button, which i do prefer scrolling like Gameboy Advance SP, Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS lite. Another good thing about Gameboy Micro is that it has brightness control! Just hold the "L" button and press the volume button either up or down. And Gameboy Micro is surprisingly lightweight. The screen size has been cut down but I have no problem playing any others GBA games. For more information and specification about Gameboy Micro, please visit HERE. Also, you can buy Gameboy Micro at Play-Asia. Now, would you excuse me? I want to go play my Gameboy Micro already. Haha, just kidding and also Happy Chinese New Year to you all!

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