Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Figma Collection is Complete!

For now... (-_-)||

Eh? Why Fraulien Box?

I didn't expect Uncle from XL-Shop will send me my Figma Haruhi and Figma Saber as what I heard someone had already preordered Figma Saber way back in February. And just a week back, Figma Saber was instantly sold out when the stock came in. I was thinking that there's no way I'm going to get the 1st batch of Figma Saber.

Who would have thought? I'm surprised myself too. Consider XL-shop didn't inform me about the shipment through my email and a truck came and horned. I went down, wondering who was it and I saw a big XL package. And it was no other than the Figmas I ordered 2 months ago.

Ok, I would like to declare that those 2 Figma Saber are not all mine. One of them are owned by Ngumbang. I'm sure people will come flaming my blog is these 2 are mine. So far, Figma Saber have the best looking box compare to the rest while Figma Lelouch come to the second best looking Figma packaging.


So right now, this are the complete set of Figma series so far. This month, Figma Kyon is going to be released and I hope I can get it soon enough. That's all for my SHOW OFF. Hehe... Thanks for viewing and see you soon!


sonic_ver2 said...

Nice show off! Hahaha...

That two saber reminded me of your last post about new haul. I see 2 figma Konata there.

Are those 2 yours?

SWATwolf said...

Yeah those 2 konata are mine :p
But I sold one off already.

Thanks for viewing my show off! XD