Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dyan Dyan!!!

What is Dyan Dyan?!

Open it up!

I bought something from Play-Asia 3 days ago by using Fedex. Today already reach and the Fedexman called my cellphone asking whether I'm at home or not. I was in university, so I asked them to come to my university. It was huge and the box was taken care really well. Oops, let's not open in front of other students. So what is inside the box?

Dyan Dyan la!

It's the Super Robot War OG's Dygenguar Ikkitousen! I manage to grab the last box from Play-Asia less than RM420, I won't say any further. Of course I did use a USD10 discount coupon in order to get that kind of price. I say lucky me as Play-Asia had taken 1 day to prepare my order and I was worry it was sold out.

1st of all, the box is huge. The box is even thicker than a PS3 box! According to the description behind the box, the model kit itself is as tall as 40cm! Now that's is even bigger than any Perfect Grade Gundam. Two of the box in grey at actually one belong to the Dygenguar's parts and another one belong to Ausenseiter's parts. I would be really nice if they don't seperate the box and it can be a poster.

All the parts are this much.

Some of the parts are made of PVCs! For example, take a look at the parts on the bottom right according to the pictures above. The cloak and white hair part are made of PVC. This will give the model kit more heavier and more quality look. And also, the decal for some parts had also printed on already. So you don't have to worry one bit about the decal and such.

Here's a close up parts.

This is actually my 1st Kotobukiya's model kit and so far, I very happy with what I'm seeing now. Not like I'm going to build it anytime soon. Hehe. That's all for now. Thanks for viewing and see you soon!


Ngee Khiong said...

You have got to be kidding me XD


SWATwolf said...

Nope! not kidding! XD