Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lowyat Mario Kart Wii Online Session

F***ing Blue Shell!

Sihumchai! Our Host.

It's the 2nd day I own this game and I was playing Grand Prix this afternoon and Sihumchai called me for a race online. So I went in with together with Sheen. I guess we just played a round and Sihumchai got disconnected. Nonetheless, we still continue for a racing match.

150cc VS. Race!

So, I decided to go for another round during the night time. Since, most people will be free during night time. So the result? Six people turned out! Which is quite a great number for our 1st Lowyat Mario Kart Wii online session. We played 3 matches total. 2 VS. Race (100cc and 150cc) and 1 Balloon Battle.

I got beaten up real badly on the 1st match.

Balloon Battle! Go!

Honestly, I suck at battle ever since the Mario Kart introduced Battle on the Nintendo 64. I was never good at it and was expecting to lose. Who knows? Our team win! Thanks to our great player, Sihumchai! Yeah!

Round 1

Round 2

Result and we won!

I like Bowser more than Mario! Got probs with that?

Not all people can stay up till late. So this is the 3rd and also final match for our Mario Kart Wii online session. I must say, I very lucky in this match. 150cc is actually quite fast and heart pounding as you will never know what is coming at you. Luck and skills are very important in this game!

I win? Yatta!

That's all for the updates. So, you wanna join us on Mario Kart Wii online session. Come join us at Lowyat Mario Kart Wii Thread! That's all for now. Thanks for viewing and see you soon!

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