Thursday, April 24, 2008

Updates for my current Collectibles

Let' see... What had happen.

Figma Lelouch & Figma Chou Haruhi

Today was a day that worth the wait. Actually I went out for two hours to help one my friend to look out for Guitar Hero 3 for the Xbox360 but end up helping her to order online. The postman came to my house and gave a horn. I gazed through the window and I rush to the gate! And here they are, my first 2 Figmas! Both of them are consider a Special Product series.

One in, One out.

It's time to see what happen to my collectibles recently. Nothing much actually happened. Last thursday, I went to Toys Zone and grabbed a Premium version of Megatron Leader Class. Which later on the next day, I sold off the Megatron Voyager Limited to some local consumer. Can't really see the Megatron Leader Class eh? I will take a snapshot of him soon.

Gundam RX78-4 & Gundam RX78-5

And also not to forget, I went to Toys Zone last friday once more to grab 2 MG Gunpla Kits. Which are Gundam RX78-4 and Gundam RX78-5. Kinda regret not getting these 2 kits and I have to drive all over to Toys Zone again.
That's all for now. After all those working comes with great prize, more HAUL! Yeah. I know, I kind of collect everything. Thanks for reading and see you next update. Bye!


sonic_ver2 said...

Nice items there. Do you plan on taking Lelouch and Haruhi PS2 out of the box?

BTW, looking forward to see th e finished Gundam.

SWATwolf said...

not at the moment. XD
gundam... well, i love to collect them but tend to not building em up XD becoz i wan perfection and those leads me to laziness XD

ivan said...

where did you order the lelouch figma from and how much? i'm wanna get one too.

駿 said...

well... you can buy from other toys shop in KL, since XL-shop dont have it. But the price would be slightly higher.

SWATwolf said...

yeah. as wad i heard from forumers, other shop in KL are selling about rm120-130.

i got mine direct from japan, so is my haruhi. ^_^