Sunday, January 27, 2008

Short Stay in KL

Shopping Spree...

I can go to KL plz?

After keeping asking my parents to let me to go KL (for like 5 times), they finally let me go! Under one condition, with some companions. Which I brought 2 of my younger cousins, but crap do we need to walk all day since we get lost a little sometime. Haha.

Taken outside Tune Hotel.

What's my main reason to go KL? Shop for model kits, while one of my cousin was shopping for his Chinese New Year clothes and another one is just for entertainment, such as arcade, gashapons and souvenirs.
Boy, do we ever had so much problem going to the Tune Hotel. It's a new hotel where many many people do not know it's existance yet. Tune Hotel is by Air Asia, yes you heard me right, by Air Asia. Not to say the obviousity, red and white painted hotel and toilet's accessories are need to pay seperately and also there's credit for aircondition. Nonetheless, the room still have fan and it's cheap.

The only arcade I spend in KL.

Lucky Star @ Taiko no Tatsujin 10 from SWATwolf on Vimeo.

Our 1st destination was Mid Valley. Mainly because I wanted to meet up with Doomsday for a Transformer, Jason for the R4 and hang out and to play Taiko no Tatsujin 10 in Jusco. The Taiko 10 is totally sweet! With over 100 songs and updated anime songs from Lucky Star, Haruhi, Naruto, Gintama and such. For Wangan Midnight: Maximum Tune 3 (WMMT3)? It's way better than Initial D Arcade Stage 4. With 4 player battle and top notch and loud song, nothing can beat this game! Hopefully soon enough they will bring in WMMT3 to Kuching.


The path are so small I can't even walk properly.

Next, we went to Time Square and as for me SD Gundam Hunting Time! As usual the stock of the gundams in KL are enormous. But nonetheless, I bought quite some back with me. Not to mention help Darklancer to find some old musha gundams. Okay, it's almost 10pm and most of the shop were closing. Can't miss the last train or we'll be doomed!

Our dinner for the LULz.

In Tune Hotel, there's a sandwich restaurant called Subway. As I always thought those restaurants are always 24 hours and did I not know they closed at 10.30pm. We were exhausted and planned to only come down for dinner on 11pm. It's closed! We were forced to go to the 7-Eleven and buy some cup noodles.
The next day, I woke up early to sit on LRT and Putra train to meet on of my interent friend named Kho who helped me to buy some SD gundams way before I came to KL. Thanks alot buddy! After that we gone to Sogo, a shopping mall that's closed to our hotel, we played some arcade and have lunch there. Then, we gone back to hotel for some rest and off we go back to Butterworth.

ZOMG, Gunplaman!

Guess what are those model sleeping inside the bag and plastic bag? I'll list them out on the next post. Haha. I guess that the end of the journey for this post. Thanks for reading and see you guys back in Kuching on the 29th January!

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