Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Haul from my trip


How to bring back?

Simple! Ask my dad's company for a real, real hard box. Snap them in the box and ready to check in. Urgh... I was so worried about the condition of the box. Hehe. No worries. Some of the old musha SD Gundams are my friends one.
Let's flash back a bit for all the trouble I went for this stuff:
SD Gundam
BB Limited SD Gundam V Operation Set --------- RM60
BB#195 - Musha Heavyarms -------------------- RM18.32
BB#207 - SD GP03D Dendrobium ---------------- RM40
BB#231 - MS-06S Zaku II ----------------------- RM21
BB#232 - Wakamaru ---------------------------- RM21
BB#289 - Hakuou Gundam ---------------------- RM18
GG#02 - MSN-04 Sazabi ------------------------ RM13.50
GG#07 - FA-178 Full Armor Gundam MK-II ---- RM13.50
GG#09 - MS-14B J-Ridden's Gelgoog ------------ RM13.50
GG#15 - S-Gundam Core Booster --------------- RM13.50
GG#19 - MS-18E Kampfer ---------------------- RM13.50

MG Gundam
MG#04 - RX-78-3 ------------------------------- RM60

Optimus Prime Leader Class --------------------- RM180
Unleashed: Megatron ---------------------------- RM90
Transformers Alternators: Mirage --------------- RM89.90

Train Fare: RM19.20
Total Spending: RM652.22

Walao eh!
Many thanks to those people who COD with me:
- Ah Wang
- Kho Zero1st
- Doomsday

Waiting sia...

Good. Everything checked in. Reached Kuching about 7.30pm yesterday. I rushed to the place where you get your checked in item. Wait and wait and wait. I don't see my stuff! Many passenger aren't getting their stuff either. 1 hour later, my stuff and arrive and bye bye KIA.


That's all. I'm pretty beat after hand carry 5 bags with me all the way from Penang back to Kuching. Thanks for reading and see ya.


Hangmen said...

I could never fork out RM650 in a single shopping spree. You must've been saving up a lot for this trip, or maybe your dad is filthy awesome rich.

SWATwolf said...

well... i have my own saving.
my parent just give me rm100 for the KL 1 night trip >_>
In another words, some haul inside there were paid already before i come to KL.
Does that make sense to you? >D