Wednesday, December 5, 2007

1st day on Brisbane

Not too good, not too bad.

Oh well, 1st day (4 december) was okay. It's like normal days in my hometown, except there is a xmas tree in the house. Nothing much to describe, pictures time!

The Xmas tree.
My sister and her boyfriend, John.
My 1st dinner in Brisbane trip. Done by both of John's parent and mine.

Chit chatting and serving dinner.

Dad and his present from my sister and I.

Birthday cake surprise. (Well, not really)

Everyone is opening present, not Xmas present yet.

What I got?! A candy Box!
Well, that's all for the 1st day. I'm seperating 2nd day to another post which is today (For Malaysian at least). It's past midnight already. Thanks for reading!

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