Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Strike Gundam: Striker Weapon System 1/60

I has a large scale Gunpla.

I was surprise when I went to Hock Lee Center's Lower Ground's Toy Store to see that almost all of the Gundam Kits and cut into half price. Seriously that store was one of the most expensive toy store in Kuching. Now, I say they are selling hard to find yet cheap Gundam!

Overall, this Gundam Kit is just a Non Grade Gunpla. I'm quite satisfying with the material given inside though no detailed skeleton availble in Non Grade Gunpla. Colors, almost every part is painted done for you. I guess all I need to do is outlining it. Not to mention the colorful book with big pictures. Lastly, you could say this is one "Barbie" kind of Gundam where you can dress the Gundam up in various kind of armor. Haha.

I guess that's all for now. Quite broke at the moment. Still got to save up for some Transformers toys. Till then, thanks for reading and see you!


z3r0717 said...

woooo... when u gonna build this??
saw this kit once only in jusco.. kinda rare i think.. SD vs NG 1/60..

SWATwolf said...

sorry not anytime soon...
too many kit to build plus... im short of tools T_T

Anonymous said...

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