Tuesday, October 23, 2007

SD Strike Gundam: Striker Weapon System

It's finally done.

The final result.

Just recently, I have finally finish painting up my SD Strike Gundam: SWS. The paint job was a pain. This SD took me roughly 3 months for me to finish up, touch up and spray a layer of coating on it. This SD is all done by the Gundam Markers as not brushing is used. It is worth the time as the result shown.

The box and the unpainted.

Taken from some site of the unpainted.

Some comparison during progress.

The project I'm doing next would be SD Wing Gundam Zero Custom. It's still under progress and as usual more paint job will be apply. Boy, I wish I can handle this paint job easily and not to mention owning an Air Brush. The following pict

That's all for now. It's pass midnight here and I have class later. Fuh, got to get some sleep. Thanks for reading and see you!


5thLuna said...

great photo ! its so cool~~

i love SD gundam too^^

SWATwolf said...

arigatou gozaimasu!
your SD gundam modify are very cool too!!

mike said...

is it marker painted or brush painted? I did mine quite badly because i just got myself started the moment i bought this.

SWATwolf said...

its marker painted ^_^.
this is my 1st painted gundam too.