Thursday, August 9, 2007

Kuching Street Parade 2007: Walk Part 2

Hey... Macarena! Aiks?!

Alrighty, final part for this section. Pictures are once again mostly taken by Saito and some by me. Roughly, I will let the pictures do the talk again. Actually, I'm lazy and it's good for you reader! Shoop da Whoop! End of these photos will have a short clip for our cosplayers' performance.

Fighting with a speed of light.

Surrender now or... *DOH!* missed.


Our waiter and a maid. Now, I want my food.

The D-grayman duo.

Haku and Ishida who seems to be too excited?

Meet up some cosplayers from Cosworld.

We killed President and Evil girl.

They are readying...

This is SPARTA!!!

Our performance turned out to be smooth and fine as what we planned. Will the Junkers do at their best? Find out more on the next update on the Kuching Street Parade! Stay Tune! Thanks for reading.


mr-penman said...


again! this is so cooooOOOOOO!!!

but the video streaming is bad... -_-"

KEEP UP! good job, guys!


rain said...

thanks mr-penman!

you won't see me in the pics though...

mr-penman said...

yo rain!

u must be the marvelous cameraman!

LOL~ I know how u feel... 'cos I'm always not in the pic as well.


but good job to u 2!!!


SWATおかみ said...

penman: rain is not the camera-man, he's our president :p

mr-penman said...

oops! :p


"got eye, dun recognise Mt Thye!"

anyway, GOOD JOB AGAIN!!!