Thursday, August 9, 2007

Kuching Street Parade 2007: Walk Part 1

Cosplayers + Junkers = RoXxoR

I will separate this section into two parts, too much pictures already. Haha. I'll let the pictures do the talk. Pictures some taken by Saito. Thank you. It was still afternoon and days was perfectly fine. Some are worried about the weather.

Our lecturers.

Oi, Formation!

The Cosplayers.

Our adventure starts here!

We will We will Rock you!


Suddenly, "Blek!"

The Junkers.

Johnson with awesome background.

"Where's Naruto?"

"Don't ever get near to strangers."

A baby is fine too.

Hitsugaya. Did I spell it right?

Group Photo.

Okay, seriously that end the part 1 of this section. Thanks for staying up with me. In another while, part 2 will be posted. Stay tune and keep posting! Thanks for reading!

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