Friday, June 29, 2007

Super Mario Sunshine

Drink water daily for good health.

Pick up a Super Mario Sunshine for the Gamecube yesterday. I know its Japanese but you know you don't need to know Japanese to play Mario right? Anyway, the game is bright and friendly. I always love Mario series and able to enjoy every of it!

Surprisingly, the content of the box is quite nice. Unlike some of the Original Wii games now, mass production is bad.

Box Content

The game is likely a little different than the original Mario series game, this time is not just jumping onto enemies and kill them. But some enemies require you to shoot water, yes, you heard right, water. Cities are covered with dirty mud which is bad and Mario is here to save the cities! By spraying the water on the dirty area and enemies.

The Outside and Inside.

Personally, I can't wait for Super Mario Galaxy and bought this title to have some fun first. Beside, I never played Super Mario Sunshine before. Once again, thank you Shigeru Miyamoto for making such wonderful game!

That's all. Thanks for reading.


mr-penman said...

wah! nice+gratz!

many years ago, I visited the official website, I had fun then.

Visitor supposed to clean up the website with the splasher.

with this title, windwalker, MP, I was so eager to get GNC, but I didn't... wish I can get a Wii real soon!

have fun buddy!

SWATおかみ said...

save money now! :D
hope to see u owning a wii!

thanx. now go poison ur gf bout wii :P

mr-penman said...

she oredi poisoned...


just waiting for me to get it!


SWATおかみ said...

share share la :P

Dyna said...

If I got wii, the first GC game I would buy would be Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil 1 remake :P

oh yea how much did you buy your wii? here super exp until you rather go for xbox360 or ps3 =/

SWATおかみ said...

dyna, its cheap you know.
mostly US wii comes with extra set controller and 2 original games.

You cut the freebies off and the wii is cheap. Think of that and you will buy :3

mr-penman said...

dyna, can u go JB and buy? will custom tax u a lot?

Dyna said...

jb ar ... not so sure tho cause i'm not familiar with jb area. later buy kena slash kao kao haha

mr-penman said...

can u get similar packages like Beat_boyz's offer?