Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Birthday Surprise

No, no, not Birthday Cake. Its...

Gundam Strike + I.W.S.P!!! <3

Suppose my birthday is **th June. But I received my present early and also its my 1st expensive present from friends. Many many many friends have contribute this present. I thank you all very much.

People who have contribute (Thank you!):
  • Keh Shiun
  • Ian
  • Intel
  • Adrian
  • Lance
  • Serene
  • Kimberly
  • Augustus
  • Anwar
  • Jessica
  • Fung Yong
I must be one lucky b@st@rd.

After this, we went for our lunch and suddenly planned to have a lunch threat for one of our friend, Adrian, who actually had his birthday yesterday.

This is ADRIAN!

We went to a cafeteria nearby, so called Chillipeppers. We ordered some dishes of, chicken, fish fillet, vegetables and a tofu. Too bad I cant make a food review here. Haha. Everyone is too hungry and eat everything off before I even get the chance to take some pictures.

All under my TREAT! Nah... we share. Haha.

Aiyoyo, Intel... Go get yourself a DS la!

3 hairy dudes (Ian, Keh Shiun and Lance)

Lastly, I would like to thank you all once again. And also thanks to Lance's Camera. Today had been a very wonderful day. Oh? Oh damn... one more unassembled Gunpla added to my Gunpla list again. Haha, just kidding. Thanks for reading.


mr-penman said...

WAH!!! Gratz!

I know how you feel... 'cos during my college time... my college frens, they gave me a pair of adidas.

That shoe, until today, I'm still wearing it. Nealy 10 years oredi. So value it...

I wanted to blog about that pair of shoes too.

and Happy Birthday, buddy!

SWATおかみ said...

Hey~ Thanx. Yeah! make a blog of it! :D