Sunday, June 10, 2007

Back from Permai Camp

Oh noes! Sunburn!

It was fun but tiring. Some event were successful while some were a failure. Nonetheless, we were all having fun. Despite with our very own activities held in our cabin.

1st up, its our morning activity, the Olympic. Featuring Group 2 and 3 fighting on a game so called the dodge ball. Im the referee, yours truly, Steven. Haha.

Shake hands

Its was so hot that the heat is actually burning and some teams wont cooperate so we actually dismiss the game and let them do what they wanted to do so. Meanwhile, I brought 2 DS along with me and one of my friend brought 1 too. So we end up playing together under a shelter.

3 Bookworms! Believe it!

So after that, around 12.30pm. Its time for the next game. The Amazing Race: Permai Camp. LOL. Things turn quite okay. But only 5 out of 10 teams join the games. And not to mention, I managed to drag 2 teams down on my station, which is memorize 2 Japanese sentences in 1 minute. While on the other sides, my friends station. They kinda have a terrible time on decided whether to let them go or not. Its 50cm sand castle building. Check the picture out!

Wait a minute... are those mountains?

All right! Amazing Race is over. And now its time for BBQ! We started BBQ around 4pm and the dinner starts on 7pm. We were suppose to have an event called the Battle of Performance but not much people turned out. So in the end, we have to cancel the event. Well... at least we do have some little Nintendo "convention".

Pictochat! FTW!

Warioware: Twisted! Goodness 1

Warioware: Twisted! Goodness 2

Since the committee's cabin were almost full. Luckily our club members' cabin have space left and not to mention, with air condition! Woohoo! Off we go to the cabin, 1st up is another heat DS battle among games like Meteos, Tetris DS, Bomberman DS and Ouendan 2. Some members got bored and they wanna play some card games. Here we go!

I must be worried about my cards.

Videl seems delighted about something.

It was almost 2am. Im very tired and went to sleep while those 3 guys are still DS-ing out there. Next morning, we just knew there were a rat running around our cabin. 1 bag of bread were bitten. We were consider lucky because there is a snake in another cabin, but they were alright. Its 7am, my friends went to the jungle pool.

Videl, Don't Jump!

We have our breakfast later that and off we checkout at 12pm. Its was fun. The tiny gathering sure is a fun one. I managed to poison quite a few people. Time to go back. Since my friend, Keh Shiun drove his car to Permai Camp. We did not follow the bus back to our school. Instead we went for lunch.

Checkout @ 12pm

Driving back to Kuching

Intel couldn't get enough of DS

Alright, alright. We all couldn't get enough.

Serene is enjoying her food.

Thats all for today. Fuh, going to a fun camp sure is tiring. I could really get some sleep now. Thanks for reading!

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mr-penman said...

WAH! so nice! seems like u all had a GR8 time!

so miss my schooling time!