Saturday, May 5, 2007

Hori Hard Pouch DS lite

Hard Enough to throw it at people. LOL.

Old pouch missing. It's time to find a new one to protect my DSlite. Thus, when I look through Play-Asia. I notice that I need something different and fresh, so I take a look at the Hori Hard Pouch DS lite and I bought it down. Took fedEX to ship this lovely pouch to my place from Hong Kong to Kuching in 3 days. The outside of the pouch have a nice touching sense. It have a hard cover feeling that even your DSlite falls from high place. It can prevent your DSlite from damaging.

The thickness of the pouch is not that thick at all. Therefore, you might reconsider putting this into your pocket? Even if its still too big for your pocket, you can just throw into your bag and bring it around.

As you can see the DSlite is well protected inside the pouch and did you notice there is a piece of a darker black clothes there? That is a protector for ur DSlite surface for those who dont protect their DSlite with silicone. While on the top part, the pouch allows you to put 3 DS cartridge on the slot provided, a stylus holder and a pocket behind the DS cartridge slot. You can put either 2 GBA cartridge, a long tylus or even your earphone.

Nuff said, everything is perfect about this pouch. Except for the down part, it does have a belt strap/hook for easier transportation as it can be a little bit bulky. Hori Hard Pouch DS lite is available in Black, Blue and White. The price is also very afforable. Currently White is temporary back ordered while the rest are still in stock. Go grab em' quick at Play-Asia!

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