Sunday, March 4, 2007

Play-Yan Micro

Play-Yan Micro

Many people think, "WTF? Why not just get a R4 or M3 simply?" Despite of that, I think I got to disagree. But now... I dont wanna to do any comparison. Im just happy with my Play-Yan Micro. Please take note as Play-Yan Micro can be only support with GBASP, GBM, NDS and NDSL. Sorry, the very 1st GBA cannot support Play-Yan Micro.

SIZE Score:4/5
So, quite some LYN forum wanna how's the GBM or NDSL looks like when Play-Yan is slotted in. Here is some pictures I have taken. Sorry for the low resolution pictures.

As you can see for GBASP / GBM / NDS, Play-Yan Micro can be fit in very well and only slotted out a little. While NDSL would have much slotted out compare to those I have mentioned.

MUSIC Score:5/5
Woohoo! Music makes you loose control. Haha, just kidding. With the Play-Yan Micro's sound card inside the catridge, the music on console handheld was never this good. (Of course, you need to use speaker or headphones and jack into the specially made stereo jack.) The interface is somehow very friendly. The settings come with volumn control and also bass control. But the problem that I only sees is there is not lock key available. So to those who use GBM like me will face a problem which is accidently press some button.
MP3 Interface

VIDEO Score:3/5
Video is somehow let me down and UP! Yes, you heard that right. Though, the video only support mp4 (mpeg-4), but there is always a software to help us compress and convert video from other files to mp4. People might complain viewing video on GBM or NDSL is bad because of its size (240x176). Using NDSL would make your video looks real nice. But to those who dont have a bright version of GBASP, there is a setting that can make your video brighter up to 5 levels. WOOT! The interface is also friendly.

p/s: Please note the GBM pictures is not taken with flash, so its blur.

Video Interface

Nintendo said that GBM can support Play-Yan up to 10 hours music playback and 4 hours of video playback. So for NDSL, of course they can last longer than what GBM does.


MP3 Playback:
D-Pad Up - increase volume
D-Pad Down - decrease volume
D-Pad Left - previous track (hold to rewind within current track)
D-Pad Right - next track (hold to fast-forward within current track)
L Button - N/A
R Button - press Up and Down while holding to change reverb, press Select while holding to activate bass
A Button - play selection, move Pictogram character or Mario
B Button - stop playing
Select - scroll playback modes (repeat all, repeat one, repeat random, play all once)
Start - pause, hold to enable sleep mode, press A, B, and Select to perform a soft reset, resetting auto-sleep mode

Video Playback:
D-Pad Up - increase volume
D-Pad Down - decrease volume
D-Pad Left - hold to rewind within current video
D-Pad Right - hold to fast-forward within current video
L Button - decrease brightness
R Button - increase brightness
A Button - play selection
B Button - stop playing, return to video selection
Select - scroll playback modes (play one, repeat one, play all once, repeat all)
Start - pause, hold to enable sleep mode

To those who already own a Play-Yan Micro, Instead of seeing the stickman theme, you can change your Play-Yan Micro theme to Mario Theme! Yay! Download the theme from HERE!

So, overall I give Play-Yan Micro a 4/5!


ghettop619 said...

you gotta help me man i cant find the right converter i didnt buy he mediastage cuz its in japanese so i need your help right now im using psp9 is there any other ones please help

SWATおかみ said...

hey, well I'm using pspvideo9 to convert video into my play-yan micro, it would be the best for this play-yan micro. ^_^

Andy Mooore said...

Hey Where can i get a play-yan micro from?? is back ordered and only ships once restocked!

please tell me there is somewhere else i can get one from??


SWATwolf said...

I guess play-asia only sell these online. So, best is you purchase it now and wait it's restock.


Anonymous said...

Great review! Quick question, can you switch between the stickman and mario themes? Or are you stuck with Mario once you add it on? Thanks a mil!

SWATwolf said...

hi there, thanks for dropping by.
you can remove a data file which u drop into ur SD card and it will turn back to the stickman theme.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info! I just received my play-yan micro today. I have to say this is the coolest thing ever! I used 3 GP Converter to convert my avi files to mpeg4 and the video looks great!