Sunday, March 25, 2007

New Super Mario Bros. Gashpon

Drawing Gashpon from Gashpon Machine is never this NERVOUS before.

Once again, I have landed on Queesbay Mall, Pena
ng again. Why you ask? Well, its longest and biggest mall in penang. I have walk myself into Jusco again. Wasnt really noticing the gashpon (Japanese Capsules) until I saw the New Super Mario Bros. Gashpon!

I couldnt resist, got to go for it! I was actually only targetting Goomba and Boo because it was rm8 each. But things goes like this:
  1. Got Boo, very excited.
  2. Got Blue Shell, not very happy but at least I got a different gashpon.
  3. Out of token, go change another 4 tokens.
  4. Insert 2 tokens. Um... got Boo. Sad, Very sad.
  5. Ask my younger cousin to help me. Got Red Mushroom. At least, again, I got something different.
  6. Still haven got Goomba! Change another 4 tokens.
  7. Ask cousin's help again. Got Big Mushroom! Woohoo!
  8. I test out my luck again. Damn! Got Red Mushroom again!
  9. Cant spend too much already. So I just went to change 2 last tokens.
  10. Since its my last try, I was so nervous. And, ITS GOOMBA!
  11. Off I go back to my grandma's house.
  12. My cousin said, "You are still missing that Green Mushroom le."
  13. I was like, "DAMN YOU!"
Alright, alright. Obviously, I want that 1-up Mushroom to get a full set! This time I brought another cousin, which she wants the Boo and Big Mushroom. Sadly in the end, she didnt get Boo but gotten Big Mushroom. As for me:
  1. My cousin went for the 1st 2 rounds
  2. So I continue the 3rd round. Bought 4 tokens
  3. Um... Got Goomba. Was thinking that I gotten through hard time getting Goomba and I got it in my 1st draw today? FTW.
  4. Well, well. I got the 1-up mushroom on the 2nd draw. Lucky me. Haha
  5. So as the 5th and 6th round, my cousin got her Big Mushroom on her 6th draw.
Phew... Sure lots of thing happen during that Gashpon Session. Taken a picture of my 1st ever Gashpon set and pure luck. Click to Enlarge it. Oh by the way, its squeezable. Haha