Friday, June 26, 2009

Human Alliance Bumblebee

Best affordable looking Movie Bumblebee!


HABB in short for Human Alliance Bumblebee. Seen many people been asking whether to get HA BB or Cannon BB. I don't really have a Cannon BB with me but I have the normal type.

Here's some photos I have taken. I made some comparison.

Front View

Back View

Side View

Robot Mode Comparison

Left Side View

Right Side View

Back View

Mask Off

Mask On.

Interior Design

Sam with Bumblebee

Ugly figure, I mean Sam.

Sam in Camaro

HABB comparison with other ROTF classes.

Obviously, the detail on HA BB is definitely way better than the deluxe class of BB. But when it comes to sizes, the deluxe class of BB are accurate while the HA BB is not accurate at all. Nonetheless, if you want to gather you ROTF figures in group, HA BB is not what you are looking for (unless you don't mind inaccurate sizes). If you just want to have an awesome BB, HA BB is your answer.

Hope this helps to all of you~!

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Zbo said...

Cool. The one I bought from Petronas is too tiny. :/