Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tales of Graces (Wii)

Finally reveled.

Set release on Winter 09.

Remember few months back where Namco Bandai released an untitle Tales of title for Wii. Now the title have been announced, so called Tales of Graces. Not much information about the story background, but the sentence on the left side of the main character (Asuberu Tento), saying, "I won't lose someone that I precious anymore". Looks like he had lost someone in the past.

p/s: Also, Namco announced Tales of VS. too but doesn't capture my attention too much due to mix of Tales of series characters game again.
That's all for now. Two Tales of game are ready to enter my collection soon. I personally can't wait for it. Thanks for reading and see ya!

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Zbo said...

Is it me or there's a lot of "Tales of" game being released lately.