Wednesday, April 15, 2009

CyberFusion 2009

Congrats to Malaysia Gamers! Woo!

The Main Enterance

CyberFusion is a event where they were attempting to break a Guiness World Record on the World Longest LAN Party Gaming for 38 hours straight. We, (PBN) are invited to the event to play our PS3 with us for 14 hours straight. 46 out of 50 PS3 owner joined the event. The attempt was a huge sucess and they even add another 2 hours to hit even higher! So that's make a 40 hours LAN Party Gaming. Good job guys! Im beat even after 14 hours gaming.

Overview 1

Overview 2

Overview (Which is the PS3 section)

Our PBN Leader, Ninja and thanks for the carpool!

Rockband PODEWIN!

I'm happy to say we PBN are now planning on trying to break Malaysian Book of Record of gathering 300 PS3 owners. Well, we are lack of sponsor to bring the Guiness World Record judges here. That's all for now. Thanks for reading. Keep Gaming Guys!

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