Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Birthday Mother's Day, Mom!

It's already late to wish Happy Mother's Day here in Malaysia and Asia. But, it's not to late to do so on the Western country. So, readers, Happy Mother's Day. As usual, Dad is not around. So it's just me and my mom. We went to Manhattan Fish Market to try out, it's our 1st time by the way.

The food is not bad. I like the Garlic Butter Rice personally. Actually, the reason I bring my mom to MFM is because I had a promotion of buy 1 Fish and Chip and entitle to get another 1 free. I feel cheap saying this! Haha.

After bringing her to dinner, we have a walk in the the Spring shopping mall. Soon after that, we went home and I surprised her with a Mother's Day Cake and a card. And uh... we are quiet full actually, so we just celebrate and only took a bite.
After that, I went to my friend shop to pick up a Musha Keroro. Now, I happily to announce I'm broke! Wuuwuu... That's all for now. How do celebrate with you mother? I leave for you guys to comment. Thanks for reading and see you!

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