Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Warcraft: The Sunwell Trilogy

3 in 1 make benefits!

Book Cover.

This book got my interest when I step upon onto MPH Bookstore in the Spring. I guess MPH Bookstore in Kuching is the only bookstore selling original American comics. The price for this book is quite reasonable, 3 books in 1, so call the ultimate version. The front few pages contain colors pages and the ending pages contain some color posters.

2 sided A4 poster.

The book is made of hard cover and it give a very nice feel when you touch it. The ultimate version contain a mini A4 size poster with a plot on the other side. This maybe a good buy for a World of Warcraft TCG (Trading Card Game) player as the book give out a piece of card, which I'm not too sure whether the card is useful or not.

Free WoW TCG.

Since MPH Bookstore is selling books at retailer's price. I will announce this comic cost RM99.90. Reasonable eh? I guess it is. Since one comic will cost around RM60 to RM80. I'm only able to use my workplace printer scanner to scan the book down. That's all for now. Thanks for reading and see you.


Radjack said...

Man i just bought that book and boy do i love it.
its really great.
keep up the good work!

SWATwolf said...

Wow! Glad you like it too.
Coz I love it! It's reall a great book! (^o^)b