Tuesday, March 18, 2008


The Spring's carpark are free no more! Why?!

Yes. You heard me right. No more free parking starting from 24th of March anywhere in The Spring. Including inside and outside! Great. Now I can't drive to The Spring anymore. I guess the parking fee is gonna blow me away. Even if it's RM 2 per hour.

Added on 25th March
I just called the Spring management about the carpark fee and they said the carpark is still free for now. When to pay I don't know when yet. Unfortunately, the security guard gave me the wrong information. Dang!
Oh yeah. Speaking of which, I can park at my university nearby and walk to The Spring. BWAH! In yer Face! That's all. Got to run, blogging at work is a crime. Run for it! See you guys!

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