Saturday, February 2, 2008

Smash Fever Hits Japan

Oi... where the US version? T_T

It's been 3 days hasn't it? Those lucky Japanese Wii owner gets to play SSBB (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) out there, kicking online player's butt with lag free. I want my copy! One of my friend, clemong_888 started to play already. Lucky Baskert.
Too bad and sad to say the US version of SSBB had been push back to March 9. Guess we just have to wait for another month.

Quoted from
Making some observations about the type of people that had lined up for the game at the large Bic Camera in Ikebukuro, further to the north of Shibuya, Famitsu noted that 80% were males in their late teens or twenties. The rest of the group was split between couples and more elderly people who were presumably asked by their children to pick up the game. We noticed a similar mix at the Bic Camera shops in Shibuya, although perhaps leaning more towards the elderly and parent crowd.

As we waited in line to purchase our copy of the game, a middle aged lady stood behind us holding a copy for herself and a Wii Fit unit. Beside her was an elderly lady whom we presume was her mother. To our great surprise, the elderly lady reached over to the DS section shelf and pulled out Nintendo's cooking software, adding it to the stack.
Nintendo wins.

That's it all for now. Gaming news are getting hotter and hotter for Nintendo lately. Long live Nintendo! *Feeling a bit like a Fanboy now* Haha. Thanks for reading and see you!

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